What’s Really Behind the Scenes

When we think about Hollywood, we often turn our imaginations to the stars and glamor that grace our screens, whether it be at home or in a theater. However, there are often months, even years of unseen (publicly) work that proceed a public presentation.

Back Lot TalkHollywood Backlots is here to tell the untold stories of what it takes to make entertainment and how to make it in entertainment. This is a good place to plug my book, Back Lot Talk.

BLT is primarily a lexicon of the motion picture set painter, but it will be entertaining and informative to all who read it. Knowing what to say and how to say it on a movie or television set is important for anyone who wants to advance in the industry. Or, if you’re not is show business but want to impress your friends with a little film speak, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this read.

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