Project X Fueled by Testoserone

10-06-29-ProjectXProject X seems to have gone to great lengths to kick Battlefield Earth from its bottom ranking. It might be more accurate to say that Project X  lacks what it takes to avoid being tagged as one of the worst movies ever.

According to Wikipedia, the premier source for facts and information:), one of the worst films to appear on-screen was John Travolta’s Battlefield Earth.

Project X Offers Hope for Battlefield Earth

I’ve not seen Battlefield Earth, nor Project X, but found it painful to sit through several minutes of trailers of the two Rotten Tomatoes. I imagine Travolta may be happy to see Project X make a public showing, as it seems to have made an effort to knock ‘Earth’ off its throne; or should I say, out of its hole.

Even before I saw the Mercedes in the swimming pool in pre-rehearsals, Project X had the look of a rabid dog that no sane person would want to be in the same room with. I can imagine the pain of sitting in a theater full of…half full of…a handful of…alone, watching a male-adolescent, testosterone-driven, misogynistic plot bark at the moon for over an hour.

But every cloud has a silver lining. I came away from my tour of duty with a handful of lunchtime watercolors.

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