On location at a Detroit Laundry

01-09-29-LaundryI had been drawing movie and television sets, props and people for the Hollywood Backlots since 1977. However, it wasn’t until September 2001 when I did my first watercolor painting. I remember the date well because I was to have taken a flight out of Los Angeles destined for Detroit in mid September of 2001. I was to working on the Eminem movie, 8 mile.

The tragedy of 9-11 happened a few days earlier, and all commercial flights in the U.S. were grounded. When we finally were able to fly out of LAX and arrived in Detroit, my first location to paint was a laundry mat near my hotel. It wasn’t for the movie. Instead, I was there with several coworkers doing what one does when living out of a suitcase; washing clothes.

I stepped outside and did this painting while standing up and holding my paints and easel in my left hand while sketching and painting with my right.

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