Detroit Stamping Plant

We had paint crews in several locations in Detroit while working on the movie, 8 Mile staring Eminem.

01-09-00-StampingDuring the time the Detroit Stamping Plant was being prepped for filming, I was working in a trailer park located on 8 Mile Road, which was the dividing line of the have’s from the have-nots. One of my co-workers told me that he thought I would enjoy painting it. Unfortunately, the only time I saw the location was the time we stopped by the plant at the end of a work day to pick up the crew working there.

I sat in the back seat of our crew cab and did the pen & ink sketch in the few minutes it took the crew to load their tools and equipment. I did the watercolor from memory when we returned to our hotel.

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  1. I could only see two drawings. I think I might have seen the set before, but I think the Harold Lloyd estate concept is masterful. If I were a Lloyd decendant, I’d snap up that drawing immediately. In fact, I think a lot of industry insiders might love that drawing.

    • The Detroit Stamping plant painting went missing, but now is found. It’s interesting that you like the Harold Lloyd drawing. That was the very last work of art I did on Stir Crazy. The architecture is accurate, but I let my imagination run wild in depicting it. I believe this is the first time I’ve shown it.

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