100+ Drawings Uploaded for the Hollywood Backlots Series

Organizing DrawingsFor several days I’ve been cataloging, organizing, image-correcting and all those other things necessary to present drawings for the Hollywood Backlots series. I’ve finally been able to figure out where I was (the lot, or location) and what show I was working on…for the most part.

Unfortunately, I did not always date the drawings. Fortunately, after 10, 20 or even 30+ years of being closed up in drawing books, they took on characteristics that made them identifiable. For example, I worked the entire year of 1985 at Universal Studios. I used the same type of pen; Sharpie sepia fine point. I used the same type of drawing pad; 5.5″ x 8.5″ Strathmore Sketch. Plus, it left behind the same patina along the bottom edge of each sheet. So it was fairly easy to pick them out of the batch and match them up.

The artwork we are uploading today is primarily of sets. I’ll be working on props and people in the coming days.

An End of an Era

It became clear that certain drawings came from a certain era by the coloring and aging of the paper and ink. I was also able to fill in some of the gaps on IMDB. That’s a great resourse for getting details on movies and television shows.

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